Before Meets After Image Consultancy

Personal Styling in Milton Keynes

- Improve your confidence by learning how to dress for your bodyshape

- Wear the right colour make-up for your skintone

- Shop for clothes that you actually wear

- Been through a lifestyle change (Weight loss, pregnancy) and need some help to find your confidence?

Before Meets After is based in Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes. Our ethos is all about 'you'- Making you feel confident and look amazing. The key to looking good is feeling confident with yourself. How do you do that? By understanding who you are, what style suits your bodyshape and lifestyle and how to shop to find clothes that you actually wear and don't just sit in your wardrobe. 

We want to help you learn, be empowered to make changes and to feel the most confident you have ever felt.

Wearing the right colours can dramatically improve your appearance and transform your look. Style is not about following fashion trends but finding a style that is right for you, and this isn't always easy! This is where we can help.   

Personal style should not be affected by measurements so we welcome any size or age! (we have inspired both 20 year olds and 65 year olds!) 

Be Yourself But Better


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